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Partial Transcript from March 20, 2015 broadcast – Courtesy of
The Hagmann and Hagmann Report and author Maria Kneas


As you said that, what went through my mind was the sense that right now, for everyone listening (and that includes the people listening to it live and the people downloading it through various means, through iTunes or whatever for the next couple of weeks), every person listening to the program today, there is divine surge moving down from the throne room of God. There is a surge of power from the throne room of God with really an unprecedented force and magnitude. We are collectively, as we’re talking, there’s a surge of God’s power moving at a very, very intense, powerful magnitude. And this surge is the Spirit of God and the presence of God touching and pouring Himself into the lives of people listening.


For example, there are people listening to us talk, and as they are listening, they are experiencing a quickening of the Holy Spirit. And they are experiencing that divine surge of God’s power. And the reason that they know that what I’m saying is true is that in their inner man or woman, at this moment, they are recognizing that the Spirit of God is touching them. The Spirit of God is drawing them. The Spirit of God is opening their eyes and quickening them. They are having a first-hand encounter with the Living God. Which says this. This conversation is not just intellectual or rhetorical. There is an intrusion, a welcome intrusion, in our conversation, by the Living Lord who is alive. And He has intruded into this program at this moment. And thankfully to both of you, because as hosts you allow space for the Lord to intrude.


The Lord is intruding into this program at this very moment. And there is a tremendous power, a surge of His divine power, the move of His Spirit. And many, many people listening, maybe for the first time in their lives, or this has happened to them before, but they are supernaturally experiencing a high level encounter with the presence of the Lord and the power of the Lord at maybe one of the highest levels ever of their life. Literally there’s a blanket of anointing coming down on them. It’s like an electrical charge and they can feel it, OK. And what God is doing, He is knitting into their DNA, He is solidifying into their inner man, woman, truths. He is edifying them. He is building them up. He is setting them free.


But most of all, every single person listening to your program right now (assuming their hearts are not hardened, and assuming that they have a child-like spirit and are willing to listen to the Lord), the Lord is speaking to them right now. He is issuing a call on every single person. And you listening know exactly what I’m talking about because the Lord is issuing a call on you and your inner man or woman. You’re responding to it. You know it. When God touches you, you know that you know that you know it. And God is calling you and He’s speaking to you.


And so the other thing that’s happening is that a Remnant Church, which simply means all true believers in Jesus Christ, whether they’re in the minority, are opened. The main characteristic of the Remnant Church (they’re not the Laodicean Church, it’s the true church), is that they respond to the call of God when it’s fresh and authentic and new and it’s fresh revelation, which is happening now. And that Remnant Church is speaking to people all over the United States and the world where your program reaches, and people are being supernaturally called to come out of their isolation, to come out of their separate identities, and to seek the Lord freshly, as we discussed numerous times. But they’re also to be willing to find a group of people, it could be two or three, of like-minded believers that they can worship with, because a lot of people don’t have churches that they can go to any more, that they can worship with, that will pray for them.


And I believe this is a prophetic statement, Doug and Joe. I believe in fact it’s a historic prophetic statement regarding your program. And that is that the Lord is using the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, among many other things, but He is using this program as an instrument in calling out a Remnant Church all over the United States. And every single person who is sensitive to the Holy Spirit knows exactly what I’m talking about. And this Remnant Church is going to start to birth, outside of denominationalism or the traditional church, it’s going to be a spontaneous orchestration of the Spirit of the Lord. And then what will happen is that as these individual Remnant Churches are birthed, they are also going to, at the same time, connect, through a supernatural flow of information streams with programs like yours, in which they will not only have the smaller Remnant but there will be times, at least in the Holy Spirit, that they will gather together and often use technology such as your program, to become part of a Corporate Remnant Church, which is the Body of Christ.


And when I held the Paradise Mountain Church meetings, where we would have corporate, high-powered intercessory prayer for America, so many people from your program, the ones that love the Lord, the ones that were obedient to the Holy Spirit, they showed up at these church meetings. And we’re going to have more of these church meetings. And I saw the Remnant Church in action. When I was down in Orlando, I saw the Remnant Church come up to me. And they said, “We hear you on Hagmann and Hagmann.” I can’t tell you how many people. And they all had this glow in their faces of the Holy Spirit. And then I went to Brooksville, Florida near Tampa to speak at another convention, and whole bunches of people streamed up to me and said, “We listen to you on Hagmann and Hagmann.” And they had the same glow. Now I’m about ready to go to North Dakota, Moorehead Minnesota, for another Red River Bible Conference on March 27th (which is free and free live streaming), and I know that I’m going to meet 35 percent of the people at that conference are going to come up to me and say, “We’re Hagmann and Hagmann listeners.” So God is using your program to ignite a Remnant Church.


But the only prophetic warning I want to give with that prophetic promise is a prophetic warning at the end of it. Which is that the people listening need to be very, very, very discerning. Because whenever God does an authentic move, there are imposters from Lucifer, infiltrators of various sorts that will come in. And they could be people on radio. They could be speakers. They could be ordinary people or whatever. And they are going to attempt to counterfeit, subvert, and sadly to say, in some cases, because some of these people are ruled by the flesh, they will attempt to monopolize what is a movement of God, and try to possess it as their own acquisition. But this is something that you, I cannot possess. This is God’s property. And so if an interloper comes in (and I pray that people would recognize the hireling or the interloper that would attempt to infiltrate this Remnant Church), we must remember that that represents a work of the devil. Because you guys can’t own this. I can’t own this. This is of God.




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